out dream yourself.

2017 brought A LOT of growth and change for me. I started the year thinking I was going to move up from my internship at a digital ad agency and put my degree to good use not even a year after graduating (one can dream right), but I quickly realized that wasn't my path. So I left the agency in March and started Still Moment Photography in April. To be honest, everything felt a bit rushed; the name, what kind of photography I wanted to pursue, and what I wanted Still Moment to be. I originally wanted to focus on weddings and portraits; emphasis on weddings because I wanted to pursue photography as a full-time business, but I also gotta get up out of my parents' house! Through building my portfolio, making my friends model for me, and working with models I found on Instagram, I somehow wound up in the world of fashion photography.

I've always loved fashion; I even wanted to be a fashion designer from about the ages of 10-14. I never in a million years would have thought I'd be doing fashion photography and working with signed models. Hell, I never thought I'd pick up a DSLR camera or pursue photography as a business, but life is unexpected and 2017 has taught me to appreciate it. So I took the path life presented and enjoyed the ride. These past six months have been filled with so much creative freedom, discovering my style, getting comfortable with my photographic eye, and getting to meet some bomb ass ladies! But like I said, this was all unexpected and one day I realized that I was headed in a different direction. I knew I needed a change that would embody MY style and not just one specific style of photography, thus the name Indigo Tidewell. 

So why the name Indigo Tidewell? This actually started out as a name for a tiny human (I really like naming things), but something just felt right about the name in the midst of wanting to rebrand.  This time around I took my time figuring out what Indigo Tidewell to be. Of course I took to Pinterest for branding tips, creative goals, and inspirational quotes. I found this really cool article that suggested personifying your brand. What characteristics would your brand have as a person? Describe their style. How would they act among friends or strangers? For me this took brand identity to a whole new level and made it easy for me to decide what Indigo Tidewell would be and how I wanted the brand to connect with clients. The color indigo represents creativity, ambition,  sincerity, and the "New Age" way of thinking. Tidewell isn't an actual word (not even on Urban Dictionary), but for me it represents freedom, adventure, and letting myself be open.

"I wonder how many people have had the taste of perfect in their mouths, only to spit it out, convinced, that somewhere, perfect, was waiting to dance upon their tongues?" 

This is a poem by my absolutely favorite, Tyler Knott Gregson! I pinned this as a reminder to cancel self-doubt. To enjoy the journey, the growth process, and to not get so hung up on mistakes and comparisons. I think the biggest mistake I made in the beginning was looking at someone else's success whose been working for years and thinking that's where I was supposed to be. My brain is full of ideas that I'm ready to take on with optimism and openness in 2018. So here's to out dreaming myself! 

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